Design thinking • Qualitative customer research • Workshops

We create insight and design your business with people that make the difference

We base strategy on insights

We talk with you, we talk with your people, we talk with your customers. We ask about their experience and challenge their needs.

We don't write reports, we work visually: we design your business. We design the world of your customers. And then we design your business again.

We support business managers and make their companies grow. We work with directors and professionals who have freedom to operate and challenge the status quo. People who feel the urgency to stay ahead of competition through innovation.

We work agile. Things will never be perfect, so the more often you shape, test and reshape, the closer you get.

What our customers tell us about our work 

Experiences from people like you

"Workshops were run in a very efficient and effective way, all participants were involved and the goals for all workshops were achieved in a very professional and timely manner. One of the outstanding points was the fact that you have managed to change some very skeptical people with the start of the workshops to believers that we are on the correct path in all sessions held."

Charel Marais

Business Develolpment Manager at Spirotech

"Pamela and Paul acted extremely professional during all interviews and compliments were received from both customers and internal staff. Paul and Pamela could just as well have been employees of Spirotech."

Ressy Reenis

Innovation Manager at Spirotech