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Cocoa that makes you smile

The cocoa business unit of a global commodity trader has made great efforts to increase the sustainability of cocoa farming and its supply chain over the past 10 years. The business unit has tremendously improved the lives and productivity of many farmers and their families through focused projects in the countries of origin. With close monitoring of local supply chains and building up direct networks, the business unit created positive impact and measurable insights in the results of their efforts.

The business unit sees a growing interest in sustainable cocoa and chocolate among customers and consumers. They wanted to expand their reach and further increase impact by teaming with their customers.
We developed clear value propositions for customers, that incorporate tangible proof of the business units efforts in origin, while also creating value for consumers. We also provided workflows to standardize sustainability services around these value propositions, ensuring that these services can be delivered as efficient as possible and that the majority of the customers’ contributions are available to achieve impact in origin. Last but not least, we created an interactive sales tool and provided training to support in-depth customer discussions about sustainability in cocoa supply chains.

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