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Small products that play a big role

Spirotech is a Dutch manufacturer of equipment to maintain and improve system water quality for heating and cooling systems and the inventor of a range of deaerators and dirt separators. These products are relatively small components of your system. But they have a great responsibility: keeping your system water clean and free of air in order to protect your valuable and vulnerable boiler or heat-pump system. Spirotech products do that constantly, efficiently and silently for more than 35 years. Is that enough to keep and excellent reputation in the fast changing market of heating and cooling systems?

To answer that question, Spirotech wanted to create a roadmap to indentify and prioritise future development needs. We ran workshops with Spirotech experts to find out what Spirotech and its products are about. We held over 15 in-depth interviews with Spirotech customers across Europe and questioned them about their business and the role that Spirotech products play. We brought our learnings home to share them with the Spirotech team.

We identified four different categories of customer needs, varying from support for customers’ marketing and sales activities to new digital and connectivity needs to hard mechanical requirements for future products.

We wrote short mission statements for each customer type that’s being served.  We plotted the four different categories and connected all customers needs to these categories. And all of this we assembled into one document that easily communicates what Spirotech will be working on in the coming years. All to make Spirotechs small product play a bigger role in your systems every day.

Paul Willems

Founder and owner

Paul loves to work on innovation projects with businesses that are on the edge of technology and logistics.

Pamela Potters


Pamela thrives as a field researcher in understanding customer needs and requirements.