Product portfolio rationalisation • Supply chain optimization • Pricing strategy 

Standardizing t(r)ailer made...

Kögel Trailers is the third largest road trailer manufacturer in Europe and produces around 6.000 units a year. Kögel maintains roughly 30.000 different models. This range is built from 150 different chassis’s and numerous other components. Kögel is proud not to produce more than 5 identical trailers per year. This strategy of customer specific manufacturing requires a make-to-order supply chain.

We ran and analysis on Kögels sales data and found out that the majority of their trailer models was based on a limited set of chassis designs. We developed a sales model that differentiated on lead times, favouring those trailer models that were based on high volume chassis designs.

Furthermore we reduced the number of steel specifications in their high volume chassis' in order to agree short leadtimes on a limited set of steel specifications. All this resulted in a considerable reduction of lead times for popular trailer models, a significant reduction of stock levels and an increased felxibility in production due to the reduced number of steel specs used.