Innovation specialists • Proposition developers • Customer researchers • Change managers • Project managers • UX-UI designers • Visual designers • Business coaches

Because we are small we deal with great businesses

We are modest, to the point and hands-on

We are a small boutique innovation agency with a huge network. That makes us flexible and versatile. Whatever step you’re about to take, we compose the right team.

You play in a competitive environment and want the best result. That is why we select the best professionals from our network to serve you with the greatest experience and most accurate knowledge. These are not always the people you know.

Although we are familiar with lots of businesses, we are not industry experts; you will need to involve us in your industry. We are experts in customer centric innovation and that’s were we involve you.

We don’t wear fancy suits and don’t drive expensive cars. But we do adopt to your world and your business and we arrive on time. If that requires a fancy dress or a fast car, we rent one.

We do not work with students or trainees. All our associates are professionals with at least 10 years of experience.

Meet our specialists

Multi-disciplinairy professionals with at least 10 year experience

Paul Willems

Founder and owner

Paul loves to work on innovation projects with businesses that are on the edge of technology and logistics.

Deborah Nas


Deborah acts at the crossroads of technology, psychology and business.

Pamela Potters


Pamela thrives as a field researcher in understanding customer needs and requirements.

Floris Deerenberg


Floris masters user experience strategy and converts that into great digital designs.

Sam Prinssen


Sam develops businesses for the digital era and converts ideas into reality.