Graduated in Fine Art at the Utrecht College of Art •  Founding partner at Journey, an experimental digital mobile journalistic platform • Ambassador in Crowd About Now, supporting starting business with their business and marketing plans • Creative director at A Studio Called Quest

About Floris

I’ve been educated as an Artist in Utrecht and specialized towards graphic design. I love to work on experimental illustrations where I cooperate with other artists and contribute to the work of musicians and cineasts.

I specialized myself in User Experience and User Interface design, because I strongly believe that graphic design is an art that’s needed to untangle complex technology to consumers and professional users. My multi-disciplinary company A Studio Called Quest develops user interfaces for digital products of Dutch television companies, nature protection foundations, banks and many more.

I am convinced that an unconventional approach makes those products much more accessible. A User Experience that’s self-explanatory speeds up the adoption rate and reduces costs of training and implementation. That’s why I like to work also with WillemsWorks on digital products for leading technical brands.