Research masters cognitive neuroscience & developmental psychology (with Merit) • Employee at New Atoms, bringing agile methodology to journalism • Employee at Lots of People — creating digital products in the cultural space • Developer of web based products for (starting) companies

About Sam

Although I fully believe that the scientific community is of great importance to all of mankind, participating in it wasn't for me. With the help of a friend I switched from a scholar to a web developer, a move I'm still extremely happy with.

For me, web development is an ideal mix of rapid feedback; you can see changes in your work directly on screen, small puzzels: you can often solve a small problem within 20 minutes, great architectural questions: problems can be solved in many ways, which one is the most sound, and, of course, creation: starting with a blank screen and, with time, having a full product.

Along with web development my interest in business development has grown. Now that I can build a web based product, should I? I find lean business development especially appealing since it forces you to test your ideas in the 'real world'. Everyone is influenced by his/her context and therefore assumes people will act in certain ways, by testing in the real world you can challenge your own ideas and thereby build a sound business.

My interests in psychology luckily haven't fully left me though, you can for example often find me listening to podcasts about consciousness in artificial intelligent systems.