Sales and marketing strategies • Digital transformation • Service model development • Product and service roadmaps • Portfolio optimisation • Proposition development • Go-to-market projects

We organize and execute innovation for companies with a
complex value chain

We bring people together, we create a team

We observe, discuss and challenge. We bring new insights. We build understanding. We create new strategies. We develop new business. We provide structure and focus for growth. We improve professionalism until your business is the best business in your market. 

We work for companies with complex production and supply chains. Companies that combine fixed assets with service organisations. Or businesses that dream about getting there.

We guide these companies when taking the next step. From scale-ups having their MVP on the market to multi million businesses managing complex product portfolios. 

Take a look at some the cases below to see how that works out and call us to discuss your innovation challenge!

Get an impression of our work

Some of our cases

Small products that play a big role

How can you create a bight future for products that are very important, but not very well known? We built a development roadmap to define the destiny of system water dirt and air separators.

Creating warmth in the relationship

What can you do as a big manufacturer for your ambassadors who sell and maintain your products at end users? We created a digital toolbox that help those ambassors getting the most out of the relationship.

Cocoa that makes you smile!

Your supply chain is the lifeline of your company and you do the most to make that lifeline as healthy as possible. How do you make your customers care as much as you do? We ran a program to increase understanding and create value from sustainability practices in a complex supply chain.

Come fly with me!

How do you know what really matters to the customers of a completely new product category? We worked with PAL-V to find out what it takes to get a flying car off the ground.

Keep them rolling.

Agriculture is a seasonal business, so is the business of agricultural wheels. We cascaded that back to the steel supplier and proposed design changes that make creates stability in the whole supply chain.

T(r)ailer made...

Short supply times and tailormade design can go together. But only if you know what matters really matters to your customers ánd to your suppliers. We found out and created more customer satisfaction in the road transport industry.